Educational Events

Want to understand more about Electronic Waste and why it matters? Reach out to us to hold a fun filled and engaging presentation to your local community!

E-waste Awareness

We work closely with a community of passionate eco-warrior to build awareness about electronic waste through collection drives, pop-up booths and activities.

Educational Materials

Gain Awareness

In landfills, E-waste represents 2% of trash but equals to 70% of overall toxic waste.


Find out why electronic waste is the leading environmental issue we will be facing in our lifetime.


Develop a sense of urgency and comprehend the scale of growth, find out how you can be part of the solution.

Understand the Process

Watch how electronic waste is being processed and recycled back into our economy.

Share with your kids

Fun and educational animation to help your kids understand the importance of recycling and what electronic waste is.

Ugly Truth

Unfortunately, recycling isn't always as simple and ethical as it seems. Find out about e-waste dumping and green washing employed by unethical companies across the world.

Eco-friendly ASMR

How can I play my part as an individual?

1. Buy only what you need, buy refurbished, Trade up!

2. Repair instead of replace


3. Donate your usable items

4. Recycle e-waste at designated bins

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Find the nearest bin